Looking Good and Living Well with Dr. Jennifer Walden: Breast and Body Enhancement with FAT!

Looking Good and Living Well with Dr. Jennifer Walden: Breast and Body Enhancement with FAT!

Dr. Walden was recently featured on KVUE for her recurring segment: Looking Good and Living Well with Dr. Jennifer Walden. On Looking Good and Feeling Well, Dr. Walden will cover specific beauty and wellness topics from a plastic surgery perspective. It’s almost like having a consultation from the comfort of your own home! This week, Dr. Walden covered using your own fat for breast augmentation, buttock augmentation, and filler procedures.

Using your own fat stores is a game changing solution to achieving a curvier Kim Kardashian body shape without implants. Muffin tops, love handles, and other places where the body stores fat can be harvested and injected into the buttock area and breasts for a more shapely physique.

This fat is acquired through a small or large volume liposuction. Once harvested, the fat from unwanted areas in the body can be used in the face to fill in wrinkles and to augment the breasts without the normal complications of implants. A Brazilian buttock lift is a popular procedure for harvested fat. Injecting your own fat stores into the buttock region serves to lift and naturally plump the derriere.

The double benefit of plumping the curves of the body while slimming down unwanted areas makes this a popular procedure. To see where you can best utilize a fat grafting procedure, learn more about breast augmentation and buttock augmentation with fat transfer from Dr. Walden’s website. See the video below for more information and click here to schedule a consultation.


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