Dr. Jennifer Walden First in Austin to Offer SmartGraft Hair Restoration

Dr. Jennifer Walden First in Austin to Offer SmartGraft Hair Restoration

Dr. Jennifer Walden, Austin, Texas based plastic surgeon, is the first in the area to offer SmartGraft, the newest technique in hair transplantation. SmartGraft utilizes single follicular units to restore hair density on patients with thinning scalps. Featured on KXAN’s Studio 512 segment, Dr. Walden gives more detail on the innovative procedure accompanied by a real patient story from nurse JR. Keep reading below for more information on SmartGraft technology, JR’s experience, and how to schedule your own SmartGraft appointment.

SmartGraft technology is the most groundbreaking solution to hair loss on the market today. SmartGraft harvests the patients own hair follicles from high density regions on the scalp. After harvesting, those hair follicles are implanted into balding regions. By using single units of hair in a procedure known as follicular unit extraction (FUE), SmartGraft leads too higher graft take than other hair restoration procedures. In addition, SmartGraft ensures these gains in a much quicker time than traditional hair restoration procedures. A technique known as suction assisted minimum penetration, hair is harvested quickly with minimal pain. SmartGraft is the most innovative procedure on the market in hair restoration. Dr. Walden is the only plastic surgeon to offer this procedure in Austin, TX.

JR Cortez, nurse and patient, chose SmartGraft for his own hair restoration needs. After experiencing feelings of “missing his hair” he did some research as to what options were available to him. As he searched, SmartGraft became the clear answer. Initially, JR was impressed by the technology behind the device. After receiving the procedure, he became even more excited about the new growth he could see on his previously bare scalp. JR is ecstatic, “after missing my hair for 15 years, within a matter of a day I got it back.”

Dr. Walden is excited to introduce SmartGraft into her practice. To schedule a consultation, click here. For even more information about SmartGraft see this blog post.


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