KEYE Beauty and Beyond with Dr. Jennifer Walden: Vaginal Rejuvenation with Noninvasive Technology

KEYE Beauty and Beyond with Dr. Jennifer Walden: Vaginal Rejuvenation with Noninvasive Technology

Dr. Walden was recently featured on KEYE to talk about innovations in vaginal rejuvenation: THERMIva and DiVa by Sciton. Dr. Walden the first physician in Austin to offer THERMIva, a radiofrequency treatment used to tighten the internal and external vagina. In childbirth, things can become loose often times when we jump or cough or play with your kids on the trampoline we have a little bladder leakage. Results, such as increased moisture, tightening, reduced incontinence and improved orgasms, can be seen in as little as 45 minutes and 1-3 treatments. THERMIVa can also counteract the effects of childbirth, aging, soreness, dryness, and the accompanying effects of menopause.

diVa is an innovative device that is FDA cleared for the treatment of vaginal rejuvenation. diVa is made by Sciton, a reputable company that has spearheaded cosmetic laser production for years. diVA is safe for women in either the premenopausal or postmenopausal stages in their life. The diVa procedure takes 5 minutes and feels relatively painless. During the treatment, diVa generates controlled sources of heat to kickstart the vaginal tissues rejuvenation process.  Patients will be able to see the most effect starting around the second treatment. For most effective use, diVa treatments are spaced about a month or six weeks apart. Many patients see improvement after treatments in bladder leakage, looseness, and dryness.

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diVa and THERMIva lead to an overall satisfaction with patient’s intimate wellbeing. Come visit Dr. Walden’s office and come find out which treatment is best for you. Between groundbreaking procedures such as THERMIva and diVa, there are many options for patients to tailor the best treatment plan for their personal needs. All these treatments are offered in a discreet and professional environment. For more information visit our informational pages on THERMIva and diVa. Schedule a consultation here. We hope to hear from you soon


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