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Review from T. - Source: RealSelf - Nov 25, 2018
Dr. Jen Walden + Isis Harris = DREAM TEAM! - I’ve been a member of Realself for years so it is my pleasure to post this review! Skintology has the dream team of cosmetic professionals working in their facility!!!About 10 years ago, I had the opportunity to be treated with a mommy makeover by Dr. Walden when she was working in NY. My results were amazing and I’m still enjoying my results today! I’ve never had any complications At All! For that, I am eternally grateful and appreciative. Soon after I had my procedure with Dr. Walden, she relocated to Austin, TX. For many years, I thought I would have to travel to Austin if I should ever desire another procedure with Dr. Walden. So out of convenience I began going to a different cosmetic surgeon for treatments. While using this new facility, I met Isis Harris. From the day I met her, I knew I would always want her to take care of my skin care needs. She is the best injector and she gives an excellent VI peel! A few months ago, I wanted to be treated by Isis but I was told she no longer works there and is now with Skintology working along side Dr. Walden!!!I hit the roof and was over come with excitement! I can’t believe we have both women working at the same place!!! This is incredible!!!! So, I immediately made an appointment. I called and spoke to Jessie to book my appointment with Dr. Walden for a P.S. consultation. This is very important to mention because Dr. Walden does not do P.S. in NY. But she was kind enough to give me a P.S. consultation! For that, I am extremely grateful because it saved me a trip to Austin! Jessie was very pleasant to work with and very efficient at helping me retrieve my old records from 10 years ago! On the day of my consultation, I was overcome with emotion. I was overjoyed to see Dr. Walden after so many years!!! She was very careful with the way she handled my surgery and she gave me a natural result. I will always remember her for that. She is truly a blessing and a gift to the profession and I do not take it for granted, not one bit! I’ve seen so many botched surgeries that I have to thank my lucky stars for guiding me into her hands. She truly is an amazing surgeon! The consultation went very well and Dr. Walden was happy to see that I’ve maintained my results well. In addition to my excitement seeing Dr. Walden was my excitement seeing Isis! Although, I did not need any treatment from her on this particular day, I’m thankful that I know where to find her in the future! Its so hard to find someone that you’re comfortable with so I’ll gladly follow Isis no matter where she decides to go!!!


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