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Review from S.B. - Source: Vitals - Mar 21, 2013
Back in college, I had a breast augmentation by another doctor and as I grew older and breastfed the shape of my breast really changed. Dr. Walden did a implant exchange and shape correction recently and I could not be happier! I look like a 25 year old and am so happy with my results! She and her staff are so accommodating. I go to her office on a regular basis for botox and venus freeze and am loving that also!
Review from L. - Source: RealSelf - Jan 10, 2013
Venus Freeze is Worth It! Dr. Walden and Her Staff Are Great! - Austin, TX - I was looking for a female plastic surgeon in my area that impressed me. Her website caught my eye, I made a consultation over the phone which was quick and easy. The receptionist was very friendly. The office was beautiful, there wasn't a long wait, the consultation was very informative, the nurse and Dr. Walden answered all my questions, the treatment was inexpensive and I was able to start treatments right away! Very pleased!I made a consultation with Dr. Jennifer Walden to see what could be done about it. At my consultation, she and her staff were very friendly and informative. - - No matter my weight, I have never been able to lose that "inch to pinch" underneath my chin. It has always bothered me especially in pictures and when I smile. I learned of a non-surgical treatment for my problem area called Venus Freeze which was inexpensive and had no down time. The treatments feel like a hot stone massage. Very relaxing! After the first 3 treatments, I noticed the skin getting tighter and less fat to pinch. I just finished my 6th treatment and see a big difference. No extra chin showing in pictures now! I'm so happy!
Review from H. - Source: RealSelf - Mar 04, 2013
No Longer Skeptical... Venus Freeze Really Works! - Austin, TX - She did my breast augmentation. I love my new breasts! - - I went to Dr Walden for Venus Freeze on my abdomen after having her perform a breast augmentation a couple of months earlier. I have had two children and even though I am thin, I have a lot of loose skin and fat deposits around my waist that have bothered me. I have had 6 of my 8 treatments and see noticeable results already. Skin no longer sags over my bathing suit bottom when I bend over and I see more definition in my abs due to fat being dissolved (or whatever that machine does). I love that it is pretty much painless (just a warm rubbing sensation)! Highly recommend!!


Plus, for each visit, earn rewards like:

(1) EmSculpt or EmSculpt NEO Treatment

10-Units of Botox

EON Robotic Laser Fat-Reduction Treatment

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